OptiScanner Technology

The OptiScanner® 5000 Glucose Monitoring System is an automated, continuous glucose monitoring system designed for use with critically ill patients where glycemic control is required.

The OptiScanner platform was designed by OptiScan Biomedical to provide trending blood data for the critical care setting, combining lab-quality accuracy with the convenience of real-time bedside monitoring.

The system draws a small amount of patient blood (only consuming 0.15 mL per draw) every 15 minutes, separates the blood plasma in a micro-centrifuge, and then reads the plasma sample with a mid-range infrared spectrometer. Within a few minutes of the blood draw, a reading is displayed on the front of the OptiScanner.

The OptiScanner uses a disposable, single-use cartridge containing the fluid pathway through which the blood is sampled, processed and analyzed. One cartridge can be used to monitor a single patient for up to 3 days.

Measuring Glucose

Unlike other glucose monitoring systems that quantify plasma glucose using an enzymatic or reagent-based technique, the OptiScanner directly measures glucose from blood plasma with an integrated spectrometer.

The OptiScanner provides an updated glucose reading every 15 minutes. Glycemic trends are displayed prominently, indicating whether patient’s glucose is stable (euglycemia), rising too high (hyperglycemia) or falling too low (hypoglycemia).

Plasma Collection

Measurements are made using a small blood sample drawn directly from the patient through a vascular access catheter. Less than 0.15 mL of the blood sample is retained for analysis, and the remaining blood is returned to the patient via a saline flush through the catheter. The retained sample is centrifuged to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma is then evaluated by the spectrometer to determine the glucose concentration.

Detecting Glucose

The system detects glucose by analyzing mid-infrared (MIR) light (7μm -10μm) absorption spectra. After obtaining the absorption spectrum for a specific sample, the system calculates blood glucose levels. Blood glucose results are displayed numerically and the trending data is plotted on the OptiScanner screen for ease of monitoring by healthcare providers.

This method provides a robust, stable and reproducible analytical method for glucose measurement. Because the analysis is based on the physical absorption properties of glucose, readings from the OptiScanner are not subject to drift as they are with chemically based systems.


OptiScan Biomedical has received CE Mark certification for the OptiScanner 5000/6000 system.