OptiScan Biomedical is a growing medical device company located in Hayward, CA. We have developed an innovative monitoring platform for use in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) to support clinicians in detecting changes more rapidly in critically ill patients, enabling more timely intervention. The OptiScanner® platform is presently focused on delivering automated bedside glucose monitoring to inform clinicians’ decision-making and maintain a user-defined target glucose range.

We’re looking for dreamers, believers and builders.


Job Title: Electrical Engineer

Summary: Designs and develops various electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems including digital and analog design, motor controls, sensors, and power management. This is a highly visible position as the principal EE in the company.. … read more

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Summary: This role will be instrumental in the successful experience of each visitor, donor, employee, vendor, and guest as they enter the OptiScan building. The Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant will ensure that each call, inquiry or visit is met with the highest standards of quality in responsiveness and professionalism.. … read more

Job Title: Senior Mechanical Designer

Summary: Designs and analyzes electro-mechanical systems, fixtures, equipment and packaging. Designs and analyzes disposable components . Creates and modifies detailed drawings using CAD hardware and software. … read more

Job Title: Quality Engineer

Summary: Responsible for supporting non-conforming product, failure investigations, environmental monitoring assessment and tracking, corrective and preventive actions, complaint handling, technical & manufacturing engineering support for all Quality Assurance functions associated with the products of this company. … read more